Beagle Rescue Victoria (“BRV”) is a registered charity, based in Melbourne, that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes beagles in Victoria.
The volunteers of BRV work full-time day jobs and run BRV in their spare time.  They are all experienced beagle owners and know firsthand the joys - and the heartbreak - of having a hound around!

BRV’s beagles come into care through a variety of circumstances.  Some beagles have been rescued from local pounds and shelters; others have been rescued from abusive situations such as puppy farms; whilst others are privately surrendered for re-homing.

BRV is devoted to the beagle breed and understands and appreciates their unique nature.  And it’s because BRV understands the special qualities of beagles, that they are committed to finding the perfect home for each and every one.

Before placement into a new home, and without exception, all BRV beagles are
- desexed, vaccinated and microchipped;
- temperament tested;
- treated for fleas, worms and heartworm; and
- treated for known health issues and conditions.



To rescue beagles from neglect, abuse and abandonment, be they impounded strays or surrendered by their owners.

To provide a high standard of medical care and rehabilitation whilst that beagle is in our care.

To address the physical, social and psychological needs of each beagle whilst that beagle is in our care.

To ensure each rescued beagle is adopted into an approved, caring new home that will provide the quality of life every beagle deserves.

To encourage and improve education within the community on topics relating to beagles including but not limited to:

- the benefits and importance of desexing;
- duty of care and responsible ownership;
- training;
- the importance of socialization for puppies and dogs;
- basic nutrition; and
- overall health care.

To work with reputable and responsible rescue groups and breed clubs in Victoria and interstate to encourage and support rescue efforts for beagles nationwide.


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