If you would like to adopt a beagle from BRV, you must complete and return the
“Adoption Application” form - Click here to fill in the form online

Once we receive your application, it is kept on our register. All applications to adopt a beagle are assessed and evaluated. BRV will contact you to discuss the suitability of the beagle you wish to adopt.   A meet & greet/play date/yard check will then be arranged. This is a mandatory part of all adoptions, as is a two to four week trial period. 

When a beagle comes to us we cross reference the needs of the beagle to the waiting list of applicants to find the perfect home for that particular beagle.

The waiting list does not operate on a “first come - first serve” basis. Each application is matched to the individual beagle and its needs; the most appropriate potential home is then chosen.

Our beagles are not free. We ask the adoptive family to reimburse us for the costs associated with getting the beagle fit for adoption. Our cost is usually $450 which covers part of the costs involved with flea and heartworm treatment, worming, desexing, vaccination, microchipping, vet health checks, feeding and housing.

All our beagles available for adoption are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas and intestinal parasites.

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