BRV is willing to help any beagle that needs to be surrendered.  However, please note that because we have a limited space, we may not be in a position to take your beagle into care straight away.  We ask that you work with us, to help us help you.  Once you have submitted your surrender form and questionnaire, please expect a wait of two to three weeks before we are able to take your beagle. 

Emergency Surrenders
If you are contacting us about a situation that requires immediate attention (ie life and death), please DO NOT complete the forms below.  Contact our rescue officer on either 0409 535 930 or

How do I surrender my beagle?
You will be required to complete this form

At question 4 you are required to attach copies of :
- microchip certificate
- desexing certificate
- vaccination records
- digital photo of your beagle

Once we have received these documents, we will be in touch with you to arrange a temperament test and discuss the timing of when your beagle can come into care.   Please note that we cannot accept your beagle without all of the above documents. 

If you are contacting us on behalf of someone who does not have access to a computer, we are able to fax or post the documents to them.  Please provide us with the mailing address or fax number where we should send the forms.

All paperwork is to be emailed to:

What if my beagle isn’t up to date with his vet work?
Ideally, we require that all vet work be completed prior to your beagle coming into care. 

However, if you are not in a position to attend to your beagle’s vet needs, please contact our rescue officer on 0409 535 930 or to discuss available options.

After I surrender my beagle to BRV, where will he live before he is adopted?
BRV is not a shelter and does not have a central facility.  After you surrender your beagle to BRV, the beagle is placed in a foster home that is best suited to care for them and, in some cases, attend to any behavioural or medical needs. 

By placing a beagle in a foster home prior to placing him in his forever home, gives BRV an opportunity to evaluate, and if appropriate, rehabilitate, the beagle prior to placement.  This gives BRV a better understanding of your beagle, his needs and the home that will best suit him.

All our foster homes have been assessed by us as appropriate homes. 

Will BRV come to my home and collect the beagle I am surrendering?
In some cases, yes.  However, this will depend on your location and availability of both parties at the time of surrendering.

If BRV is unable to come to your home, we will arrange to meet you in a public place at a mutually convenient time. 

Can I meet or talk with the foster carer/forever home of my beagle after I surrender him?  Can I contact BRV for updates?
BRV will not pass on any personal details of the beagle’s foster carer or new home to anyone.  Please take heart that BRV screens both foster carers and potential new homes very thoroughly; your beagle will be well cared for, both in care and in his new home. 

You are welcome to contact our rescue officer for a reasonable amount of updates. 

Can I temporarily surrender my beagle to BRV and adopt him back in the future?
No.  BRV understands the difficult choices within the decision to surrender your beagle.  However, submission of the surrender form relinquishes ownership of the surrendered beagle.  BRV will not return beagles to the owners who have surrendered them.

Will my beagle be put to sleep if he is not adopted after spending time in foster care?
Definitely not.  All beagles that come into BRV’s care remain in foster care until the right home for him comes along – however long that takes. 

BRV does not put to sleep any beagle in its care for any reason other than for untreatable physical suffering or for aggression towards humans and other dogs.

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